To Be or Not To Be

A little kingdom I possess,
Where thoughts and feelings dwell;
And very hard the task I find
Of governing it well.
-- Louisa May Alcott.
...........hmmm....that more or less describes my situation !!

~A Wise Man Said~

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.
-- Aristotle

Saturday, April 22, 2006
If forty million people say a foolish thing it does not become a wise one, but the wise man is foolish to give them the lie.
-- W. Somerset Maugham

Today, again, I realized the truth of this quote. People seem to have this weird tendency to accept something as true merely because “everybody” believes so. Beats me totally.

Say, in a room full of ten people, nine agree and one feels differently -- does that in any way prove that those nine are right? But funnily, as I said, that appears to be the general opinion. And I cringe at the danger of this logic.

Where a number of people hold a false idea, there it is even more essential that the truth come to light, and there it is that one finds it most difficult because of this skewed logic. One who thinks independently and rationally, and dares to defy the majority, is ridiculed, dismissed, and made to shut up – let alone given a fair hearing. Wouldn’t you call him a fool?