To Be or Not To Be

A little kingdom I possess,
Where thoughts and feelings dwell;
And very hard the task I find
Of governing it well.
-- Louisa May Alcott.
...........hmmm....that more or less describes my situation !!

~A Wise Man Said~

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.
-- Aristotle

Tuesday, June 28, 2005
I've never been a movie buff. But ever since I came to HK, movies seem to have become a part and parcel of everyday living just like food or water! I don't remember being so enthusiastic about the latest Hindi releases as I am here...and I notice that it's not just me; most people who are abroad seem to go through this transformation in the movie department -- wonder why?

Other than English and Hindi, I have also been watching quite a few Tamil movies, courtesy, my Tamilian flat-mate. I have always had a thing for regional movies, since they pose some sort of a challenge (as opposed to the predictable Hindi stuff) to me. Even if the plot isn't complicated, it becomes so due to the language hurdle. Only yesterday I watched a Tamil movie 'Autograph' -- was quite nice. Speaking of Tamil movies, sometime back in India I watched 'Kakha Kakha' at the recommendation of a close friend, and it was very good. I especially love the songs and have played them so many times, that now I can sing bits and pieces, without even knowing what it means. The other day I actually scared my flat-mate when I went 'uyirin uyire' out of the blue!

As to Hindi movies, I haven't seen so much junk in so little time, I have to admit. Going by the noise surrounding 'Bunty aur Bubbly', I managed to get the first print even though I was told the quality wasn't good. I'm not quite sure if it's the print that did it, but I certainly couldn't imagine myself raving about it. A few movies I actually enjoyed watching -- Flavors, Chokher Bali, My Brother Nikhil, Mr and Mrs Iyer...

I haven't yet managed to get my hands on too many English movies. 'Sound of Music' is one I luckily borrowed and it goes down into my list of favourites. It gave me as much delight as reading a book, and that's saying a lot. Another I had the pleasure of watching recently is 'Sleepless in Seattle'. Also happened to visit the local theatre for 'Mr and Mrs Smith' -- watchable, but not what I would call "my" kind of movie. As maybe evident from all the movie names I've mentioned in my likeable list, I am not one for 'bashing up and bloodying around'.

Well, so much for like them, you hate just can't ignore them I guess! :)